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I hope you all have been enjoying the discussion series on Mercury in the houses. Knowing what role Mercury plays in our natal chart can be so revealing. If you are having problems communicating with someone right now, see if you can find out what your Mercury placement is, and what theirs is as well. When you do find that out, come back to the blog series and have a look at what you can do to help them better understand you. Mercury rules transportation, communication, and thought. Your Mercury placement will tell you a lot about how to maximize those parts of your life. We are at the halfway point in this series today. What does it mean if you have Mercury in the fourth House, Mercury in the fifth house, or Mercury in the sixth house? Let’s find out! Read More »

If you follow my Tumblr blog, then you know that every day I provide information on what the Moon is doing that day, and how this can help you get through your day. Some times the Moon does not interfere too much with our day to day activities, but sometimes one single day the Moon can create aspects that affect us for months to come. One of those periods is the Full Moon period. We just had the Full Moon in Virgo this week, and as I say so often, these are effects and changes that you could feel for as long as six months after the fact. The things that happen now could greatly impact your life over the next six months, so you want to make the most of decisions you make in this period. How can you do that? Well, that’s precisely what we are going to cover today, so let’s get to it! Read More »

If you follow my Tumblr blog or Pinterest boards then you have heard me talk quite a bit this week about the Sun and the Neptune conjunction in Pisces that occurred early this week. Keep your dream journals handy I said! But what does that mean? Specifically the Sun and the Neptune conjunction in Pisces only happens twice a year, but Neptune in Pisces is a transit that is unique in itself. This is exactly the transit that I am going to be covering today. Read More »

We have the New Moon in Aquarius arriving on February 9th, and if you follow my Tumblr blog, then you already know some tips and insights on how to make the most of this New Moon, and any New Moon. Effects or experiences that happen during a New Moon or a Full Moon cycle can be felt for as long as six months after the fact. So whether you are reading this a week before, the day of, or months after the February 9th New Moon in Aquarius, you can still apply it to your life. So how can you make the most of this particular New Moon? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Read More »

If you are interested in the field of astrology, and I will presume if you are here then you at least have an inkling of an interest, then you would also be interested to know that the fields of numerology and astrology are linked. This is what we are going to explore today. In fact, numbers are connected to every single thing on this planet, every thing. If numbers can’t be used to create it, use it, see it, work with it, smell it, feel it, name it, then it won’t exist. Numbers make up everything, everything, everything. The study of numerology is as intense as the study of astrology, and it is as in depth as this field as well. If you follow all of the pages on the Norah Guide Social Media Platform, then you know I mention numbers frequently. Life path numbers, expression numbers, and more. Today I am going to touch on some of the secrets of numbers and their link to astrology. Keep in mind this is just a primer, and is by no means the complete analysis of the link between numerology and astrology. If you enjoy this article, let me know, and I will be happy to cover more articls on this topic. Today we will look at the basics of the main numbers discussed and referred to in numerology.

Number One: This number has a positive polarity, and is associated with the cardinal Fire Sign, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. This number is also ruled by Pluto.

Number Two: 2 is a negative polarity number, associated with the fixed Water Sign, Scorpio. It is sometimes ruled by the Moon.

Number Three: 3 is a positive polarity number, associated with the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. This number is ruled by Jupiter.

Number Four: 4 has a negative polarity associated with the cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn. In the Roman era, Saturn was its ruler, however the Medieval revision has the Sun as its ruler, and the contemporary version has Uranus ruling number 4.

Number Five: This number has a positive polarity, is considered one of the lucky numbers and is ruled by Mercury. It is associated with the fixed Air sign of Aquarius.

Number Six: 6 has a negative polarity and is associated with the mutable Air sign Gemini. It is ruled by Venus.

Number Seven: 7 has a positive polarity and is associated with the cardinal Water sign of Cancer. In the Roman era 7 was ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, the Medieval revision had the Moon ruling 7, and today Neptune is the ruler of 7.

Number Eight: 8 has a negative polarity, and is associated with the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. It is ruled by Saturn.

Number Nine: 9 has a positive polarity and is mutable although its element association (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) is not clear. Initially the Medieval revision gave it to fire, although many today believe it is associated with all elements.

Anything beyond 9 is then broken down by adding up the digits. So, 10 is a 1, because 1+0 = 1, 11 is a 2 because 1+1=2 and so on. To get more information on how numbers affect your life, be sure you are staying in touch with us on the Norah Guide Social Media Platform!

We have a New Moon in Capricorn upon us this week, and although we won’t see it fully until tomorrow, it’s never a bad time to start preparing for the miracles you could potentially manifest when using the New Moon energy. The Moon as our psychic sister and friend is adored by those in the Wiccan religion as the Mother of the Earth, and the great endower on all things wonderful in our life. It also manifests the hidden underworld and realm of uncertainties we need to face in addition to our inner conflicts. Not too much stuff, huh? Well, it can be a heavy situation, but it doesn’t always have to be. You can use the power of the Moon to your advantage, and you should. In addition to today’s blog on how to prepare for the New Moon in Capricorn, you can also follow my Facebook page where I have been posting wish tips all month and into the New Year. Follow another of my blogs and you can find out the wish omens with the New Moon unlocked, so that you too can make your own wishes on the New Moon. In addition to those wishes, here are other things you can do to make the most over the New Moon in Capricorn. Read More »