Norah Guide Blog Discussion Series Mercury in the Houses: Mercury in Houses 10, 11, and 12.


Hello friends, I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Mercury as much as I have! Today we are wrapping up the Mercury series, but fret not friends and followers as I will not leave you empty handed. If you have any questions about the Mercury placement in your chart you can always touch base with me directly via Facebook or Twitter. Once we wrap up this series today we are going to turn to another planet for some exciting discussions on the transit series, but more on that later! Today we look at Mercury in the 10th house, in the 11th house, and in the 12th house. What does it mean if this is where Mercury appears in your chart? Well let’s get to it!

Mercury in the 10th House

If Mercury is in your tenth house then you are on a very good career path. You are one of the brightest people in your own social group and will probably change jobs from time to time because you don’t settle well. You may even hold down two jobs at once to keep your brain active and busy. You probably like politics, either following it or talking about it, and you may even pursue politics yourself. Overall you are an excellent organizer and you plan well for the future. You have a quick mind and you prefer handling problems from the facts at hand versus what can not be proven. You are also very well liked and you are referred to as cheerful, optimistic, and outgoing. If there is any shadow side to you it is that you are so driven in your career that you may allow your ambitions to take precedence over your scruples on occasion.

Mercury in the 11th House

If Mercury is in the eleventh house for you, then you are a little bit on the reserved side. You have a tendency to be impartial though in most aspects and you are idealistic and broad minded. You tend to stick to your small social circle and a quiet night in is preferred for you, and this may mean that people find you impersonal. You aren’t though, you just like life on the quieter and reserved side of things. When you have your own time you like intellectual things, reading about them, and thinking about them, but your friends do strongly influence you. You may have a love for the sciences, astrology, philosophy, and anything that involves an investigation of some sorts. If there is any shadow to you it is that you are so nice and so good to your friends that they may take advantage of you.

Mercury in the 12th House

With Mercury in your twelfth house you are going to have some Pisces qualities and so you may be a bit of a dreamer in life. Mercury rules thought and sometimes also past experiences and so you may dwell on your past experiences regularly in your day to day life if you have this Mercury placement. You also may have a tendency to be secretive and may sometimes hesitate to say what you really are feeling. You probably border on the shy side of life and behind the scenes is more your forte than in the limelight. If this placement is well aspected in your chart to Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto, you may even be a little bit psychic or highly intuitive.

And that’s it for Mercury in the houses friends, I do hope you enjoyed this series. Remember to drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter if you have questions about your Mercury placement. And you definitely want to stay tuned to this blog because our next series is going to touch base on that dreamy psychic planet I just touched on, Neptune! Stick around here or bookmark my About Me page to make sure you don’t miss a single feature. Can’t wait to see you there. Until next time, love and be loved friends. Love, Norah


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