Norah Guide Launches Blog Discussion Series Neptune in the Houses


Hello friends I hope you all are having a fabulous May. If you follow my Tumblr blog then you know that we have been experiencing some Neptune action in the skies lately, and you know what this means, right? Well, just in case you don’t that’s exactly what my brand new blog discussion series is all about, Neptune. Neptune is the dreamy, psychic, intuitive planet that loves the land of fantasy. So you can imagine how helpful it would be to know what your Neptune placement means. Before we get into that though it will help your experience in this blog discussion series to understand what Neptune is really all about. So before we travel Neptune through the houses, we will look at the significance of Neptune in astrology and how this will impact your own birth chart. So let’s get to it!

Neptune is the God of the Sea and the ruler of Pisces. It is also considered the planet of inspiration, confusion, illusion, dreams, and psychic receptivity. It also rules spirituality and things of the hidden world that are more subtle in nature. And Neptune has a tendency to be a bit immature I might add, or at least carry an immature energy. Those with a strong Neptune placement in their charts may be people that are considered very naïve, and almost childlike on some occasions.
Another wonderful thing about Neptune is that it has a very intuitive and psychic tendency. It is associated with spiritual enlightenment, and also considered a planet of mercy and compassion. At the same time, the shadow side of Neptune is the opposite of all of these things.

Neptune moves very slowly in the skies, and takes 14 years to get through each of the signs in the zodiac. This means that people in the same family will have very similar Neptune placements. If you have ever wondered why an entire family has the same psychic abilities, it may be due to their collective Neptune placements. Where you see Neptune in your chart is where you will have the most intuitive capabilities in life. Planets that overlap with Neptune on your chart will also be affected by the psychic influences of Neptune. These aspects will have a flavor of the dreaminess of Neptune.

And that’s it for your introduction to Neptune friends, I do hope you enjoyed this series. Stick around here or bookmark my About Me page to make sure you don’t miss a single feature. You can also start following my Google+ page as this month I am starting a new feature there with a dream tips that will be right in line with our series on the dreamy psychic planet of Neptune. Can’t wait to see you there. Until next time, love and be loved friends. Love, Norah


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