Nov, 2012

The study of astrology is an interesting one indeed, the further you go in its examination, the more you realize how powerful the cosmos really are. Many of us believe in this or at least understand this notion, even in its most primitive form. We all have wished upon a star at one point, or gazed at the Full Moon and marveled at its magnificence. I once told a young boy when he asked me what the stars really were, that they were angels looking over us. Many parents tell their children the same thing. In a way, they are, particularly if you appreciate the Greek Mythology component of astrology. Norah Guide often gives a lot of attention to the planets and the Moon, today we are going to talk about stars. Read More »

They say there is no rest for the wicked, but that isn’t always the case. Even those with the best intentions can’t seem to cut a break once in a while. That may be the feeling for many of you just coming out from some hair raising Mercury retrograde experiences, as we prepare for another eclipse, AND a Full Moon to boot. I have been discussing some tips and tricks on getting through these periods on a day to day basis on my Tumblr blog with Norah Guide’s Daily Astrological Forecast feature. If you want more detailed information than what I can provide here, be sure to follow me there. This year I am also offering holiday shopping tips for those holiday shoppers out there, providing advice and tips on the best shopping times this year given what the cosmic skies have in store for us. Today however, we are going to look at how to prepare for the Full Lunar Moon Eclipse in Gemini of all places. Let’s dive in. Read More »

We’ve been discussing those astrological bodies that show up in our natal charts and horoscopes, and in our solar return charts as well. While it is useful to know where the main planets lie in our charts, knowing the placement of our additional celestial bodies provides some guidance as well. You don’t NEED to know where these bodies are in your chart, but why wouldn’t you want to if you could access that additional information? It would not be any different than getting a variety of tests from the doctor. Let’s say the doctor tells you your health is excellent. Not a bad idea to take his word for it, but when you get some bloodwork that confirms that, all the better right? So studying these celestial bodies helps us tremendously in simply validating where we are headed in life. Today Norah Guide is going to discuss the role of Juno, ah, the Queen of the Goddesses. Read More »

If you have ever had your birth chart, natal chart, or solar return chart calculated for you, you probably were a little overwhelmed by the amount of information you received. You likely recognized much of it, but not all of it, and maybe not even most of it. The more detailed your chart, the more information you have in front of you in terms of why things are the way they are in your life now, in the past, as well as a pretty good outlook on what is in store for you in the future. One complex detail many people see in their natal chart is the mention of “Vesta”. Where is Vesta located in your chart? The answer is not going to make or break your life, but it will pin point some very interesting things about you. When I found out my Vesta was in Virgo, I kind of went Ah Hah! THAT explains a LOT. Let Norah Guide help you reach this point of enlightenment as well. Read More »

If you get a birth chart done, you may be confused enough by the planets that are working for you. If that isn’t enough, you may see other bodies like asteroids, stars, and dwarf planets in your chart that make it seem even more confusing! Norah Guide is here to help you dissect all of this information. Today we are going to talk about one of those other bodies, the dwarf planet of Ceres. Read More »

When it comes to understanding your birth or natal chart, there are a lot of elements to understand. The planets, the houses, and yes, the comets. The universe is a big and wonderful place! Rather than get bogged down by how much there is to remember, remember that Norah Guide is always here to answer your questions. Every day on each of my social media sites I offer guidance and advice on every one of these topics in a different way. Be sure to check out my page to access all of my circles! Today we are going to touch on the topic of the stars. We know the roles the planets play, the stars are important too. Let’s rip the bandaid off of Chiron, and see what information this can give you about yourself, and your life in general. Read More »