We have a New Moon in Capricorn upon us this week, and although we won’t see it fully until tomorrow, it’s never a bad time to start preparing for the miracles you could potentially manifest when using the New Moon energy. The Moon as our psychic sister and friend is adored by those in the Wiccan religion as the Mother of the Earth, and the great endower on all things wonderful in our life. It also manifests the hidden underworld and realm of uncertainties we need to face in addition to our inner conflicts. Not too much stuff, huh? Well, it can be a heavy situation, but it doesn’t always have to be. You can use the power of the Moon to your advantage, and you should. In addition to today’s blog on how to prepare for the New Moon in Capricorn, you can also follow my Facebook page where I have been posting wish tips all month and into the New Year. Follow another of my blogs and you can find out the wish omens with the New Moon unlocked, so that you too can make your own wishes on the New Moon. In addition to those wishes, here are other things you can do to make the most over the New Moon in Capricorn. Read More »

We are right in the middle of the Full Moon in Cancer, and as the Moon is ruled by Cancer this period will thus be a very productive time for you if you allow it. This particular full moon unlike any other before it this year will be one for revelation, reflecting, and nurturing the things that really matter in life. The home life. This Full Moon will bring people together just as quickly as it can take them apart. From family squabbles to big squishy hugs to the same people just moments after, expect all of that and everything in between. What else is in store for your Full Moon in Cancer?
Water signs are the emotional signs, that is the Cancer element. The Moon is all that is mysterious and within. So think of this as a key period where a lot of old baggage is going to come out. But if you don’t take too much personally, then letting it go will be key to opening up the portals for the abundance in revelations you will likely receive as a result. Emotions are very high right now, but managing them well will put you ahead of the game. Read More »