Astrology in Everyday Life

Hello friends, I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Mercury as much as I have! Today we are wrapping up the Mercury series, but fret not friends and followers as I will not leave you empty handed. If you have any questions about the Mercury placement in your chart you can always touch base with me directly via Facebook or Twitter. Once we wrap up this series today we are going to turn to another planet for some exciting discussions on the transit series, but more on that later! Today we look at Mercury in the 10th house, in the 11th house, and in the 12th house. What does it mean if this is where Mercury appears in your chart? Well let’s get to it! Read More »

We’ve been discussing those astrological bodies that show up in our natal charts and horoscopes, and in our solar return charts as well. While it is useful to know where the main planets lie in our charts, knowing the placement of our additional celestial bodies provides some guidance as well. You don’t NEED to know where these bodies are in your chart, but why wouldn’t you want to if you could access that additional information? It would not be any different than getting a variety of tests from the doctor. Let’s say the doctor tells you your health is excellent. Not a bad idea to take his word for it, but when you get some bloodwork that confirms that, all the better right? So studying these celestial bodies helps us tremendously in simply validating where we are headed in life. Today Norah Guide is going to discuss the role of Juno, ah, the Queen of the Goddesses. Read More »

I briefly started talking in my last post about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on November 6. As important as it is to understand that this is happening and why, we also could all benefit from practical tips to keep in mind during this period. This is a period that many people stress over, before it’s even begun. This is unnecessary and is only creating negative energy for you. My recommendations are to not dread Mercury Retrograde, if you are prepared for it, you won’t be bothered by it in the least. But the worst thing you can do is assume the worst is going to happen, because by so doing, you might just create that. Planning ahead and including some rest and relaxation on your calendars then is the first must do on your mercury retrograde planning list. Read More »

Astrology in Everyday Life–Zodiac Signs at Home, Part 2

Many people think astrology is an abstract subject, but the more you learn about the astrology, the more you begin to recognize it in everyday life.  The choices people make provide many clues to the zodiac influences in their charts.  The home is a very important place, revealing both our public side–the sun sign–in how we entertain, as well as our lunar side in what kind of private retreats we create for ourselves.  A previous article on this topic looked at the first six signs of the zodiac at home, this article looks at Libra through Pisces. Read More »