Mercury Retrograde

We are about to start a new blog discussion series, Mercury in the houses, but since the actual planet of Mercury is in retrograde right now I thought it would make more sense to wait on that blog series until it is in full forward motion. Which won’t be long by the way, we can start that up next week. But as Mercury is in retrograde now, I thought it would be an interesting way to set up the series by first talking about how to wrap up a Mercury retrograde period. This will help you in many areas of life, but also prepare us for the conversation on Mercury in the houses. I’ve covered this before but we will look at it in more detail today. So let’s get to it.
Mercury has been in retrograde since February 23 and it generally stays that way for about 3 weeks. It is scheduled to station, or stop, and then turn direct and start moving forward again on March 17 which is only a few days away. So this is a good point to review how to wrap up a Mercury retrograde period to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Read More »