If you follow my Tumblr blog then you have heard me discuss the planets in certain degrees of each other or in a specific zodiac sign. On occasion you may also hear me discuss the nodes of the Moon. I do not use the nodes of the Moon in some of my readings for a wide number of different reasons. They are not always useful. But when they are, they can provide an abundance of information for you. You may order a chart or a reading from someone and see mention of the nodes of the Moon and be perplexed by this. Let me help you with this terminology and let’s have a look at that today. Read More »

I’ve been discussing the significance of the planets here, and all across the Norah Guide Social Media Platform. Each of the planets is significant in so many ways, and significant on different days of the week, month, and year. There is so much to learn about the planets and stars, we could spend a lifetime on it. I learn something new every day. Earlier here I discussed the significance of the Sun and the Moon, and how powerful they are in terms of the effects they have on our day to day lives. Not only do they rule our Sun and Moon signs, but they do so much more than that. When you know how to use the planets to your fullest advantage, you can harness their energy to create your own destiny. Today we are going to talk about how to do just that with the Sun. Read More »