Sep, 2012

Thinking like an astrologer

Once you grasp the basic meaning of the planets and zodiac signs, a good way to deepen your understanding of these is to start to recognize the astrology symbols in books, films and television shows.  Here are some examples from a variety of sources to get you started.  Once you get used to spotting astrological symbols in art, you’ll find it easier to notice the astrological undertones of relationships and situations in your own life as well as in current events in the news.


Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Goldilocks uses her discerning judgment about matters such as too hot, too cold, just right (Virgo) to move through an environment she thinks is safe (Cancer) yet which harbors more danger than she realizes (Pluto).


The Hunger Games

This film seems to echo one of the major astrological themes of this era:  Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.  Through her bravery (Aries) and willingness to subvert the rules (Uranus), Katniss succeeds against a rigid regime (Capricorn) which tried to kill her (Pluto)


Pride and Prejudice

Heroine Elizabeth Bennett’s appreciation of the beauty of the Darcy’s lands (Taurus) opens her eyes to the attractions of this wealthy man (Capricorn).  Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s wit (Gemini) puts a dent in Dacy’s overly critical attitude (Virgo).  The result is a happy marriage (Libra).

 Harry Potter

A young boy starts life in a very humble position (Virgo).  He is initially an outsider (Uranus) but his scar which looks like a lightning bolt (also Uranus) marks him as special (Leo).  Through his bravery (Mars) and with the help of his friends (Libra), he ultimately defeats ultimately defeats a dark, mysterious figure (Pluto) who killed his parents not long after his birth (Moon).

 Mad Men

The series revolves around the past (Cancer) of an industry built on feeding consumer fantasies (Pisces).  The central figure of the show is a man who has built his life on a major lie about his identity (also Pisces).  Alcohol (Pisces again) plays a prominent role in the workplace.