Norah Guide Launches Blog Discussion Series Neptune in the Houses: Houses 7 Through 9


Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying our look at Neptune in the houses. Have you found your Neptune placement yet? Remember that you can always touch base with me on any of my social media pages at About Me or directly on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode of this series, tune into my Pinterest boards and I will make sure that you don’t miss a single thing. Today we are going to look at Neptune in the seventh house, Neptune in the eighth house, and Neptune in the ninth house. What does it mean if you have this Neptune placement? Well, let’s have a look!

Neptune in the Seventh House

The seventh house is your house of partners, and often where you find the serious and long term relationships in your life. If Neptune is in this house then you will likely find a partner that is dreamy, musical, creative, or artistic. You also might idealize your partner a little bit if this is your placement, you think they are perfect and you won’t take any other opinion from anyone else on the matter. This would be the only negative aspect of this placement, as idealizing your partner too much could lead to too many expectations on them. Remember that nobody is perfect, and you should not sacrifice too much for your partner, if they are not doing the same for you. You also want to beware of secret enemies, people that you think are amazing but are not so much. Use your instinct with everyone you have serious affairs with, and follow them! That’s the power of Neptune!

Neptune in the Eighth House

Your 8th house is your house of shared resources, so with this Neptune placement you will never have too many fears with money, and your dreams will be big. In fact, they may be too big if there is any problem with this placement. If you have any financial issues it will be because you trust too many other people to manage your money, and you may need to take more control in this area. You also need to control any issues with alcohol or substances, especially if you for some reason become stressed with money matters. Chances are when it comes to relationships you are likely to be intense and passionate, and you like to take care of the people that you love. You may also be so absorbed with your money, work, and success, that relationships are of no interest to you at all. And if that works for you, who is to say there’s something wrong with that?

Neptune in the Ninth House

The ninth house is your house of mind expansion, so if you have this Neptune placement, you are a big dreamer. You may also be a wanderer of sorts, in the sense that you like travel, or moving beyond normal ranges. You may be interested in big thinking type things, like philosophy or religion. You frequently travel or at least you dream about it, and when you travel it is not just for fun, but to see the bigger picture in life in far away places. You believe in the oneness of all life and the universe, and this allows you to link everything together wherever you go. You have great empathy for others, and spend a great deal of time in your life trying to better the world as a whole.

And that’s it for Neptune in the seventh house, Neptune in the eighth house, and Neptune in the ninth house. If you have any questions about these placements, drop me a note at Facebook or Twitter and I will be happy to answer all of your Neptune questions. Next time we will look at Neptune in the seventh, eighth, and ninth houses. Until then, sweet dreams friends. Love, Norah


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