Apr, 2012

Astrology 101: Mars in your chart

Mars is the planet of action.  The house placement and zodiac sign of Mars in your chart signifies the areas of life in which you take a stand as well as your style of aggression.  Knowing about someone’s Mars can reveal much about their passions, the things in life they consider worth fighting for, as well as how they will fight.
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Astrology of the natal chart: stelliums

Do you know someone who seems to epitomize every quality of a certain zodiac sign so well that their face belongs in an astrological dictionary defining that sign?  Maybe the best (and least offensive) way to describe your ex is as a complete Leo?  Or perhaps your neighbor is the perfect example of everything good and bad about Cancers.  These individuals probably have what astrologers call a stellium in their charts.  As you learn astrology, this is an important chart configuration to recognize.
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Astrology of the natal chart:  Saturn

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, limitations and discipline. In astrology, the placement of this planet in your chart can point to an area of life where you experience difficulties. However, these problems may ultimately lead to greater sense of discipline which can ultimately help the individual develop a talent or skill in this area. Read More »

Astrology in Everyday Life–Zodiac Signs at Home, Part 2

Many people think astrology is an abstract subject, but the more you learn about the astrology, the more you begin to recognize it in everyday life.  The choices people make provide many clues to the zodiac influences in their charts.  The home is a very important place, revealing both our public side–the sun sign–in how we entertain, as well as our lunar side in what kind of private retreats we create for ourselves.  A previous article on this topic looked at the first six signs of the zodiac at home, this article looks at Libra through Pisces. Read More »

Astrology in Everyday Life — Zodiac Signs at Home, Part 1

As you learn more about astrology, you will start to be able to discern the zodiac influences in someone’s chart without glancing at a natal chart or even knowing the birthday. If you’re invited to the home of someone you don’t know well, use the social occasion as an opportunity to exercise your knowledge of astrology.  An individual’s home tends to blend aspects of his/her sun and moon signs.  Here’s a quick guide to spotting the astrological influences in home décor: Read More »

Learning Astrology–Moon Signs

Think of looking up at the night sky and seeing the moon. Now contrast that feeling with how you feel looking at a morning sunrise or bright afternoon sunshine. The different feelings evoked by these images give you some idea of the different meanings of the sun and the moon in an astrology natal chart. Read More »