Astrology influences in the home (part 2)


Astrology in Everyday Life–Zodiac Signs at Home, Part 2

Many people think astrology is an abstract subject, but the more you learn about the astrology, the more you begin to recognize it in everyday life.  The choices people make provide many clues to the zodiac influences in their charts.  The home is a very important place, revealing both our public side–the sun sign–in how we entertain, as well as our lunar side in what kind of private retreats we create for ourselves.  A previous article on this topic looked at the first six signs of the zodiac at home, this article looks at Libra through Pisces.


Libra men and women see their homes as places to showcase their artistic tastes while hosting their friends.  Whatever furniture or paintings you see in their homes is carefully chosen to reflect their ideals or art and beauty.  Their living rooms are unlikely to center around a television screen and more likely to be laid out so as to encourage easy conversation among guests.


Scorpios prefer to keep guest and entertaining areas separate from a private inner sanctum space.  They will resent it if you trespass on this line.  Scorpio is the sign of transformation, so people with the sun or moon in this sign may have a home they renovated themselves or piece of furniture they rescued from a dumpster and spent hours renewing into an object of beauty.


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, travel, and higher learning.  The home of a Sag is likely to contain items recalling their travels as well as many books.  Although much of their home décor may be expensive and tasteful, they are  likely to include at least one or two quirky and unexpected items in the mix—perhaps a vintage hat hanging on the wall next to an antique oil painting.  Sag sun and moon people love to include large open spaces in their homes for big parties.


Capricorn people hate to buy anything for their homes that won’t last a long time.  They choose classic designs rather than trendy ones, and prefer sturdiness and reliability over delicacy.  Capricorns may choose to have a home custom-built for them rather than having to waste valuable work time taking care of a fixer upper.


Aquarian homes can usually be identified through the emphasis on technology.  An Aquarius person may settle for a thrift shop couch and an IKEA dining table, but their home entertainment system is top of the line.  Aquarius men and women tend to place a strong emphasis on community, and may choose to live with roommates or in some other type of shared housing.  They may choose an eclectic and unusual style of décor.


Pisces, sign of the fish, is in some ways the most watery of the water signs.  Pisces people pay special attention to their bathrooms, wanting the area where they bathe or shower to feel very welcoming.  Pisces homeowners may add many unusual imaginative touches to personalize their homes, perhaps painting a mural on a wall themselves.  They tend to have a very eclectic style sense, blending items from different culture and design schools together.


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