Norah Guide Launches Blog Discussion Series Neptune in the Houses: Houses 1 Through 3


Hello friends, I hope you are enjoying your May wherever you are. If you visit any of Norah Guide’s pages or boards then you know that I frequently discuss the topic of dreams. On my Google+ page right now and through the month of May I am offering dream tips to help you decode those special symbols. And on my Tumblr blog I publish a daily astrological forecast that tells you when the planets will help you to enhance and strengthen your dream content. One planet that is particularly useful in this regard is the planet Neptune. And knowing where dreamy Neptune is on your chart can help you harness its intuitive and psychic powers, and help you have the dream world you always wanted, and help you grow on your path of enlightenment. And this is exactly why I started this latest blog series on Neptune in the houses. Do you know where Neptune is in your chart? Once you do, you will be enlightened indeed. Today we look at Neptune in the first house, Neptune in the second house, and Neptune in the third house.

Neptune in the First House

The first house is your house of self, and so if Neptune is in this house then you will be a very inspired person indeed. You are very trusting, and maybe even a little too much so, and you find yourself extremely sensitive in this big old world. Some may think you are too sensitive, but it is your sensitivity that makes you a very dear friend, a blessed partner, and a wonderful daughter or son. You are also an exceptional parent with this placement. No matter who you love in fact will be very loved indeed, if there is any shadow to this it would be you may have a tendency to smother. You are very intuitive and may even have the “big open eyes” like doe eyes that makes you very attractive and appealing to others.

Neptune in the Second House

Your second house is your house of possessions, and so if you have this Neptune placement you may spend more time dreaming of riches than working to create them. At the same time however you never seem to have a problem with money, and you are not greedy with it either. You love to give it out and show it off, but not in an overt and arrogant manner. There is a chance you will make your money with something larger than life, like movies or photography, or even from caring for the sick. A shadow side to you could be getting too involved with drugs, alcohol, or an addition such as shopping or gambling because you are always going after the next big thing. You win big, and you lose big too, but you never seem to have any real financial problems.

Neptune in the Third House

The Third House is your house of communication and thinking, so if you have Neptune in this house then you are a big thinker, and a big dreamer. You may be an exceptional writer if you have this placement, but your communication is more mysterious than at first glance. You are a free spirit at heart, and you don’t think in terms of boundaries. So for example you probably don’t wear a watch because you show up when the time is right, not necessarily be time design. This could irritate others in your life, but those that love you best will come to know this to be just who you are. You are very agreeable in life and tend to shy away from drama and tension. You prefer logic or emotive reactions, and may have a mathematical mind or an interest and talent with numbers.

And that’s it for the first session in our dreamy Neptune series my friends. You can be sure that you don’t miss a single episode by logging into my About Me page or my Pinterest boards where I will keep you updated on all that is to know about our fun planet of Neptune. Can’t wait to see you there! Until then, love and be loved my friends. Love, Norah Guide.


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