Norah Guide Launches Blog Discussion Series Neptune in the Houses: Houses 4 Through 6


Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying our blog series discussing Neptune in the houses! Understanding your Neptune placement can be incredibly valuable in determining where your ideals stand, what your biggest dreams are, and how to get close to those important things in life. Before you follow the blogs, I hope you have gotten your birth chart done so that you can see for yourself what house Neptune is in your chart, and what this means in terms of your astrological profile. Once you have that, flip to our blog series and find out what it means! So today we are looking at Neptune in the fourth house, Neptune in the fifth house, and Neptune in the sixth house. What does it mean if this is where your Neptune placement is? Well let’s have a look!

Neptune in the Fourth House

If Neptune is in your fourth house this is your house of home, and so this is where all of your biggest dreams and ideals will lie. You also have an intuitive sense of making and creating a beautiful home. Overall you are caring, domestic, and nutritive to those in your life, and you make great sacrifices for your most important people. You also probably really like to be around the water, and may even own a beach home or lake house at some point in your life. Because home and family are so important, you may find you carry a lot of guilt around you when it comes to your family. They are so important to you that if you make one little mistake, it haunts you forever. At the same time, your family doesn’t hold you responsible for any of this guilt, and rely on your for amazing solutions to complex daily problems.

Neptune in the Fifth House

Your Fifth house is your house of pleasure, and so any planets in this house are going to rule your short term relationships, or the things you seek for pleasure only. You also may get pleasure from creative pursuits such as drama, music, or art. You may also have a strong desire to dress up, or play in costume, and you definitely love a good mystery! Characters and the arts are your greatest sources of pleasure, and you also are a sympathetic soul who is very sensitive and artistic. Anything related to the sea, like fishing or boating perhaps, could also bring you pleasure. You also enjoy seeking pleasure in any way that you can, and this could lead to a substance problem, so just try to be wary of that if this is your Neptune placement.

Neptune in the Sixth House

If Neptune is in your sixth house, you have Neptune in your house of Work. This is a great placement for Neptune as you will have big dreams and ideas when it comes to work. You may find yourself in a career that helps others, or people that struggle in society, such as drug addicts, the disabled, criminals, or the like. You may also be attracted to work in areas with animals, or any area where someone or something needs a little extra help. You don’t like details and you are definitely a day dreamer. When you are looking for work, be sure that you follow your instinct, as this will certainly lead your way to success in your career if Neptune is in this house for you.

And that’s it for Neptune in the fourth house, Neptune in the fifth house, and Neptune in the sixth house. If you have any questions about these placements, drop me a note at Facebook or Twitter and I will be happy to answer all of your Neptune questions. Next time we will look at Neptune in the seventh, eighth, and ninth houses. Until then, sweet dreams friends. Love, Norah


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