Full Moon

If you follow my Tumblr blog, then you know that every day I provide information on what the Moon is doing that day, and how this can help you get through your day. Some times the Moon does not interfere too much with our day to day activities, but sometimes one single day the Moon can create aspects that affect us for months to come. One of those periods is the Full Moon period. We just had the Full Moon in Virgo this week, and as I say so often, these are effects and changes that you could feel for as long as six months after the fact. The things that happen now could greatly impact your life over the next six months, so you want to make the most of decisions you make in this period. How can you do that? Well, that’s precisely what we are going to cover today, so let’s get to it! Read More »

We are right in the middle of the Full Moon in Cancer, and as the Moon is ruled by Cancer this period will thus be a very productive time for you if you allow it. This particular full moon unlike any other before it this year will be one for revelation, reflecting, and nurturing the things that really matter in life. The home life. This Full Moon will bring people together just as quickly as it can take them apart. From family squabbles to big squishy hugs to the same people just moments after, expect all of that and everything in between. What else is in store for your Full Moon in Cancer?
Water signs are the emotional signs, that is the Cancer element. The Moon is all that is mysterious and within. So think of this as a key period where a lot of old baggage is going to come out. But if you don’t take too much personally, then letting it go will be key to opening up the portals for the abundance in revelations you will likely receive as a result. Emotions are very high right now, but managing them well will put you ahead of the game. Read More »