Relationship astrology: Venus through the signs


How to relate to Venus in any sign

Venus through the signsThe Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” doesn’t always work because it assumes everyone wants to be treated the same way. For instance, you might love it if someone flatters you, but some people are suspicious of compliments. The more you learn about astrology, the more you realize that sun signs are only a part of the picture.  If you’re interested in having a romance—or even just a friendship or positive work relationship—with someone, try to find out about their natal Venus. Venus’ sign can reveal a lot about what a person need in order to relate to someone.

Venus in Aries through Virgo

Venus in Aries: Ask someone with this placement to do active things like running or rock climbing with you. Or if they’re more the intellectual type, challenge them to play chess or Scrabble with you.

Venus in Taurus: Do something that will treat their senses–take them to the best restaurant in town; buy them a gift certificate for an aromatherapy massage or take them for a walk in a rose garden.

Venus in Gemini: Text them witty messages, tell them entertaining anecdotes over coffee at a bookstore. Never be jealous, never be boring.

Venus in Cancer: Serve them a home-cooked meal (have someone you know make it for you if you don’t cook). Listen to their tales about how badly they’ve been hurt. Get to know their family.

Venus in Leo: Compliment their looks, intelligence, taste . . . pretty much everything. Buy them an elegant accessory like an evening bag or designer tie.

Venus in Virgo: Never let them see you looking sloppy. Buy them a gift certificate for vitamins or organic produce.
Venus in Libra: Be beautiful or at least very well dressed. Show them you are socially graceful and charming.

Venus in Libra through Pisces

Venus in Libra: Be beautiful or at least very well dressed.  Show them you are socially graceful and charming.

Venus in Scorpio: The saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” probably originated with a Scorpio. Make sure not to say anything positive about the people they dislike.  Tell them they are the best sex you ever had.

Venus in Sagittarius: Do not be an introvert and if you do need time alone, don’t ask them to give up an outing to stay with you. Tell them about your foreign travels or better still, be from a foreign country.

Venus in Capricorn: Let them know you are financially comfortable. Show respect for the traditions they believe in or admire. Have the ability to introduce them to important people.

Venus in Aquarius: Be part of a group they belong to or at least be very accepting of their friends. Be open-minded. Demonstrate your admiration for their intelligence. Don’t ask them to turn off their smartphone during romantic evenings.

Venus in Pisces: Give them the opportunity to rescue you from poverty, drug addiction, a bad first marriage . . . or be prepared to rescue them if the last person they attempted to rescue pulled them down.  Take them to a concert of beautiful, spiritually moving music.


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