Is Norah Fake or Real — here are the facts


Is Norah fake or real : the truth about the internet rumor:

“It’s a funny feeling having your reality questioned. I can feel myself breathing, I can sip my tea and taste it, brush my hair from my face and feel its texture, but how can I persuade someone who isn’t in the room with me that I am real? Especially given how full of tales the internet is, I suppose I can’t blame them for wondering.” This is what my professional colleague as well as close friend Norah told me when we discussed the latest internet rumors about her. As someone who has shared many a meal
and long conversation with her, I assure you Norah is a real person. I think perhaps the rumors started because of the fact that Norah is a pseudonym chosen to protect the privacy of a woman who does not want public attention.

 Norah is a Real Person

Norah is a real person who started Premium Astrology. She does have a genuine desire to help others through her God-given talents in astrology and clairvoyance, but does not want her husband, her children or grandchildren to have to put up with negative comments from the kind of people who are closeminded about metaphysical subjects. She uses the internet soubriquet of Norah in the same way that both writers and psychics have often chosen professional names to keep two parts of their lives separate. She chose the name Norah because it has belonged to women in her family for generations, including her beloved grandmother who passed many years ago. She feels that by using this name, she draws on something of the strength and wisdom of these ancestors. It also offers her a means of sharing something of her self with her clients while still maintaining a boundary which protects the people in her private life. Norah is a real person, who happens to use a nom de plume (or perhaps we should say nom du internet?) but her desire to help others is real and sincere.


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