Astrology and the meaning of the rising sign


Ascendant rising signThe Ascendant sign in astrology

The rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, reveals both how we see ourselves and how others tend to view us. As you begin to go beyond the level of sun signs in your studies of astrology, you will notice that people who share the same sun sign but have different ascendants tend to express the energy of their natal Sun in very different ways. For a change, we start this time with the second half of the zodiac, and will cover Aries through Virgo rising signs next article.

Rising signs Pisces through Libra

Pisces: Your life has a strong connection to some Piscean symbol whether the ocean, idealism, spirituality or alcohol/drugs. A sense of confusion or ambiguity is attached to your image. You may go through multiple shifts in how people perceive you over the course of your life or be the subject of a persistent rumor, but you also project a sense of glamor.

Aquarius: You have a strong tendency to see your life through the lens of your nationality, race, religion or other group identity. However, you may also see yourself as somehow set apart from this group in some way, perhaps as a leader or possibly as a rebel/outcast.

Capricorn: Even while rather young, you often perceived yourself as the most grownup person in the room. You believe that life requires hard work and are proud of the fact that you are not lazy. Practicality and maturity are the yardsticks by which you measure both your own achievements and other people.

Sagittarius: You project great confidence and friendliness. You will have a strong interest in truthfulness and foreign cultures but tend toward extravagance. However, your confidence will mislead both yourself and others into believing you possess knowledge and authority you have not yet earned. Also, you may tend to perceive your own ideas as the source of truth and easily judge others for failing to follow your truth.

Scorpio: You possess an innate sense of power but prefer to keep many facets of your life cloaked in secrecy. You unconsciously assume that others will find you and your ideas compelling. Nothing insults you more than the suggestion that you lack depth.

Libra: You tend to define yourself through relationships with others. While this makes you very caring, it also leaves you overly vulnerable to slights from friends, co-workers and family. You may also place too much emphasis on your own appearance, feeling insecure when you do not look your best.


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